Muheb Esmat is a curator, writer, and researcher currently based in New York. He holds an MA degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. Muheb has worked at institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Mathaf (Arab Museum of Modern Art), and PunkOrientalism Studio. Currently based in New York, his research explores visual and digital culture in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. 


Links to prior talks, exhibitions, and writings:

A long way to go: Afghanistan National Gallery


Haiderzad: A Pioneer in Exile

Beyond the Studio: Hangama Amiri & Muheb Esmat

Fragile Facades: Illusions of Change in Kabul’s Contemporary Architecture

King of the Road

Generation Livestream and Virtual Afghan Sphere

No End in Sight, CCS Bard 

Kabul, Dali and a new wave of Graffiti

Kabul Undiscovered, Interview with Jdeed Magazine

Art as a language of understanding, King's Academy 

AVAH Collective, Gallery Girl

Kabul, Dali and a new wave of graffiti 

Explorer, Muheb Esmat sees museum open doors to History

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